Queensland Religious Places

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Murarrie Independent Church
111 Ives Street, Murarrie 4172
Closed other denomination
BCC Heritage Register; Brisbne Courier, 27 Sept 1913
Brisbane City Council Register entry
Building was teachers residence at Waterford State School
The land was acquired in 1930 by the Queensland Stewards’ Company. This company was first established in 1913 as a non-commercial venture. The Stewards’ Company was established to act in a ‘caretaker’ role for the safe keeping of important documents such as Title Deeds for local churches that were not Incorporated. The objects of the Company were for the purpose of promoting, promulgating, teaching, and practising, and in making and assisting thereof of the doctrines and precepts as in the Memorandum of Association as set forth, most surely believed, taught, and practised amongst a body of Christian Believers who adopt no sectarian name, but simply call themselves Christians

Location (-27.461345, 153.1033)

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