Queensland Religious Places

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(1962, Peter Peterson, https://queenslandplaces.com.au/exhibit/slide/pap48

Creelman Memorial Hall
Destroyed by cyclone
41 Harold Street, West End 4810
Townsville Daily Bulletin, 18 April 1921
Destroyed by cyclone
Cyclone Althea
'The Mayor (Alderman W. H. Green.) said he regarded it as an honor and prlvilege to be asked to lay the flrst stone In connection with that building. Intended for God's work In the training of youth, and as a memorial to one Who had done so much for the boys and girls of that neigbourhood. It was a great thing to see the culmlnation of a great work " something accomplished, something done". In connection with thls work he wa sure they would all agree they could not do too much for the boys and girls of their city and their State. It had been said that the greatness of the British Empire depends upon Its homes, churches and schools. which builds the character of the boys and girls. Whilst the ifluence of the hone was good, and the Influence of the rhurch wae manifested In the boys and gjrls lives. and whilst the State schools were training them In the right direction, they had nothing to fear in the future from those who would shatter the Ideals they prized the most. (TDB 18 Apr 1921)

Location (-19.261249, 146.791911)

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