Queensland Religious Places

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(1888 Located on site of showgrounds with Wesleyan Methodist Church in background, SLQ 24927)

Brookfield Bible Christian Chapel
Moggill Creek, Brookfield 4069
Queenslander, 2 Sept 1871; Deann O'Donoghue, Timeline first Bible Christian Hall
Closed Wesleyan Church opened
A substantial little chapel has lately been erected in the neighborhood, the ground for which was kindly given by Mr. Barnett. Divine service, as well as a Sabbath school, is held in the chapel every Sunday, both being generally well attended.
The church was used as a community hall after 1885 and finally demolished in 1942-5 and the timber used to build an annex to Victory Hall.

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(c. 1916, former chapel on left, Kenmore and District Historical Society)

Location (-27.494093, 152.910330)

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