Queensland Religious Places

Yingerbay Union Church
Orallo Road, Euthalla 4455
Western Star, 25 June 1901 & 22 Jan 1919; QImagery; Parish Map Euthulla 1931
Yingerbay began as the centre of a small farming district north of Roma in the early 1900s. A hall/church was built c. 1910. The Western Star describes how it was built. There were five or six denominations here, and all bar one were heart and soul in the work, even to the RomanCatholics. The Church of Christ stood out, because they and the Methodists were at loggerheads, and sparring at one another, through jealousy over Bible reading and Sunday school held in the State school here. They wrote the Department, and so both got the shunt from school rooms, That's how the Yingerbay Hall came to be started. The foundation and frame, including studding, rafters, etc., are of bush timber, cut, drawn, and delivered on the ground by Yingerbay residents only.Mr. S. Hawthprne, a resident, and his man, Jow Wyles, drew the sawn timber, flooring, and weather boards from the Mooga saw mills on his two horse waggons free, so all the timber was put on the ground free of cost

Location (-26.438813, 148.651)

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