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(The Telegraph, 10 June 1922)

United Methodist Free Church
Wellington Road, Kangaroo Point 4169
Brisbane Courier, 12 Apr 1887; Telegraph 10 June 1922
50x40 ft
The building is of a very substantial character, and though of an unpretentious appearance without inside it has been very neatly finished. The brick walls have beencemented and blocked so as to imitate stone, and the lofty gothic roof with its massive supports gives the building an appropriate appearance. The wood work is all varnished, showing the grain of the various timbers.
he following are the dimensions of the church Length 50ft by 40ft, height 19ft. The roof being pitched in two parts, a complete system of ventilation is obtained. The walls are constructed of pressed bricks, having four buttresses on each side, with white firebricks over the windows and doors, while the window reveals have been left white.
The front elevation and entrance fronts Wellington road, and is gained by a flight of steps. A huge Gothic window ornaments the front, the top or tracing being glazed with coloured glass, which gives a good effect to the interior.
The choir, chancel, and organ gallery occupy the east end of the church, and are entered by a private door at the back. The rostrum is fitted with pine and cedar, with ornamented cast-iron panels, lightly tinted, stained, and varnished. The church is fitted with open back pine seats made by Dath, Henderson, Bartholomew, and Co, which will give accommodation for about 350 persons, but it will be possible to seat 400 without inconvenience The work has been satisfactorily completed by Mr Strawson, of South Brisbane, under the direction of Mr M M Lamb, the architect.
In 1894 the church passed into the hands of the mortgagee, services discontinued in 1898. Property sold and became a joinery and sawmill (Telegraph 10 June 1922)

Location (-27.480954, 153.041)

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