Queensland Religious Places

Patrick Leslie Memorial Presbyterian Church
Elliot Street, Pratten 4370
Wallace & Gibson
Warwick Examiner 16 Sept 1905
30x20 ft
Relocated to Braemar Street, Warwick
The church is 30ft. by 20ft. There is a vestry at the western end, about 8 ft. square, and a tasteful porch at the east end 8ft. by 7ft. The building is constructed of hard wood, with V-joined pine lining and ceiling; and it has a roof of galvanised iron. There are ten Gothic windows, the fixtures being Mark's patent. The double entrance door is wide, and of Gothic shape. The church is painted a light brick color, picked out with white, and presents a very handsome appearance. (Warwick Examiner 16 Sep 1905)

Location (-28.087198, 151.781)

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