Queensland Religious Places

St Michael's Catholic Church
Fernvale Road, Glamorgan Vale 4306
Roman Catholic
HE Wyman
Duhig; cemetery
Queensland Times, 24 April 1991; Hickey, 197
60x30 ft
Destroyed by fire
The church is Gothic in design throughout. It is 60ft by 30ft, with a main porch in front and one on each side. Buttresses on each side give it unusual stability. It is double lined, the outer walls being of hardwood weather-boards. On the galvanised iron roof on each side arethree or four gables, which enhance the appearance of the building. Inside, an artistic appearance is given to the structure by a beautliful Goahic ceiling lined writh Wunderlich steel, pannelled off. Th building stands well off tile ground, and is most substantially built throughout. QT 24 April 1911)

Location (-27.516474, 152.637)

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