Queensland Religious Places

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(c. 1912 Booringa Historical Archives BP.358) - Mitchell- Amby- Mungallala & Dunkeld area)

St Patrick's Catholic Church
86 Alice Street, Mitchell 4465
Roman Catholic
C house
Hickey; Western Star 19 Nov & 22 Nov 1884
Replaced by new church
The original part of St. Patrick's Church (10m x8m) was opened at 92 Alice iStreet n 1885. Fr. Capra was given the distinction of building it and builder was John Fry. The site was a pine scrub and a good deal of the cypress pine used in the church was cut on the site. In 1903 a 4 m extension was added and a choir loft built, and alterations made to the sanctuary. It served as a church till 1938 when St. Columba's Church was opened next to it. After new church built, served as parish hall. Sold in 1986, relocated and converted to a house.

Location (-26.482887, 147.9733)

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