Queensland Religious Places

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Imbil United Protestant Church
Imbil Methodist Church
3 Elizabeth Street, Imbil 4570
Closed hall
34x24.5 ft
Transfered to Methodist Church
Although a 'Union' Church,it was owned and managed initially by the Congregational Church.

Description of building when transferred to Methodist Church for £125 in 1940. The grounds measure 160 feet by 60 feet. The church stands on high blocks, the mean height in front being 3ft 6 in and at the back 6ft 6in. The building is 34 feet long and 24 feet 6 inches wide. The walls are weatherboard and on three sides che building is unlined. Windows are of stained glass. The ceiling is of pine 14ft from the floor; the roof is of shingle. The pulpit, seating and organ are very serviceable. Electric light has been installed. A room under the church serves che purpose of a kitchen.

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Location (-26.460732, 152.675)

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