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Jamieson Memorial Congregational Church
9 Nash Street, Gympie 4570
Closed other denomination
Gympie Times, 17 Oct 1911
64x30 ft
Closed and sold
G Britten and J George (contractors)
The new structure does credit to the architect who planned and to the contractors, Messrs. G. Britten and J. George, who did the work. It is of dark-red undressed brick, embellished over the doors, windows, etc., with bright red lined in white, which gives the exterior a rich appearance. Concrete steps, with iron railings, lead up to a double door, surmounted by a white entablature, and the buttresses are capped with white cornices.

The vestibule is fitted with two swing green baize doors. Small Gothic windows, with lead glass designs, complete an attractive exterior. At the rear, joined to the main building, are the minister's and choir's vestries. The interior of the church has been artistically decorated.

The walls are principally painted a stone-grey, with the arches a light blue, while a dado in imitation granite with a stenciled top border in orange completes a very pleasing color scheme. The wood-work, which was carried put by Mr. J. George, also looks well. The pulpit, platform, doors, window-sashes, etc., are of dressed silky oak, and the seats are of comfortable design. A Norman Gothic arch recesses the rear wail of the church proper with the doors leading to the vestries, and in front of the pulpit is the choir platform. (GT 17 Oct 1911)
Bought by Lutheran Church

Location (-26.189445, 152.6634)

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